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Example(s) of my work


This is the final exam for Abnormal Psychology, a course I used as a social science general education requirement. The final asks to diagnose characters from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, to make a recovery plan for Jack Kerouac and Bernie Carbo, and to define certain definitions learned throughout the term.




This is short answer for Abnormal Psych comparing Acute Stress and PTSD


PTSDvsAcuteStress (1).pdf


 This is my presentation and notes for an aesthetics course I'm currently taking. I had to present my artwork within a 15 minute time frame.


spring 2015-presentation.pptx

spring 2015-presentation notes.docx


These are short response papers from 20th Century Art. The teacher would provide a prompt based off of the readings assigned. The midterm and final asked students to identify and analyze art works and art movements covered in class


20th Cent Art_ 1st Assignment.docx

 20th cent art_ Jackson Pollock.docx






Contemporary art followed a similar syllabus where students would write short response papers about assigned readings. Later, for the final and midterms, students would analyze art and art movements.





I did two presentations. One was about William Kentridge, one of my favorite animators, and the other was explaining my final research paper about Damien Hirst's installation.

william kentridge drawings.pdf



Health and Nutrition had one presentation where students would compare different brands of the same food items. These are notes for my dark chocolate presentation



This was a review for a show I saw at the Boston Museum of Contemporary Art in Boston.

RefusalofTime (1).pdf


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.