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My name is George DeLuca. Welcome to my online portfolio!


I'm a senior English major with concentrations in Journalism and Professional Writing. I have also completed the requirements for a Digital Media minor and expect to graduate after the Fall 2017 semester.


I'm passionate about media production and writing in general and feel that I have achieved my goal to strengthen my writing capabilities at UMass Lowell because the university offers a first rate curriculum for English majors. For example, courses in literary theory and critical analysis have helped me develop the insight needed to tackle writing projects of just about any type. As a result, I feel prepared to write in areas beyond journalism and looking forward to doing just that.


When I complete my graduation requirements during the Fall 2017 semester, my plan is to write in various genres and about a range of subjects. I'm also considering grad school—specifically Georgetown's Master's of Professional Studies in Journalism and writing-centric programs at other institutions like Columbia, NYU and Harvard. This summer I plan to search for funding to continue my studies.


While a student at UMass Lowell, I have worked as a reporter and photojournalist with the UML Connector and founded the new UML Filmmakers & Multimedia Club. At the Connector, I was named photographer of the year in 2015/2016 and given an honorable mention as writer of the year.


I have also provided photography services for the Lowell Sun over the past year and have had a feature story published in the paper. Most of my photography submissions to the Sun have garnered dominant photo status tied to a lead story in the Sports section.


The Connector and the Lowell Sun published my feature about Wuilito Fernandes, star striker for the Riverhawks soccer team that won the AEC championship last year. Fernandes had a stellar season and went on to be named to the FC Dallas professional franchise. He is the first Riverhawk soccer player to make it to the professional ranks and I've been told my story captures his essence as both a player and a man.


Currently, I'm working on a screenplay for a full length feature film and plan to write a fiction novel in the postmodern style. I have a creative mind and plenty of ideas. I also have social consciousness and have served as a member of the City of Lowell Hunger and Homeless Commission for the last several years. I'm currently working on a documentary film about the effects of homelessness on individuals, families, and the community at-large.


I feel that the English curriculum at the university has thoroughly prepared me for the next phase of my journey as a writer and human being and look forward to the fall semester at UMass Lowell and beyond.


Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments at gdeluca777@gmail.com.


Thank you for visiting my portfolio.




George DeLuca

University of Massachusetts, Lowell

English: Journalism and Professional Writing/Digital Media
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