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This is your to-do list for our busy first week!



You will need to complete a contract (we have those here for you today).  If you have not worked for the University in the past, you will also need to fill in required Temporary New Hire paperwork and complete your eligibility paperwork before you can be paid.  The Temporary New Hire Packet may be filled in online.  You'll find that here: http://uml.edu/HR/Temporary-Hires/default.aspx

Please read that page carefully!  Note the links to the several other forms that you will need to fill out, including the I-9, which requires you to bring specific documentation with you to Human Resources, so read those directions!

You will not get reminders about these important steps, so please take care of them right away so that you can be paid!

Taking these steps will create your weekly online timecard.  You will need to fill in your hours each week.  The link above includes directions for that.



Write your About Me page by Monday Feb. 9 (this will give us time to read and learn a little more about you).  Feel free to edit your e-portfolio to personalize its look and get familiar with using Digication



Gather materials that reflect your learning (both in and alongside your courses) in college and posting or linking them in The Big Sort section.  By our meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 11, you should have your collection started.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.