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Doing the E-Portfolio project was a beneficial experience that allowed me to reflect back on the classes I have taken and the work I have done. The step by step process of sifting through my work and categorizing it according to the various outcome expectations showed me exactly how and where I met each requirement, which was in and of itself a learning experience.

The weekly meetings and reflections challenged me to see things in a different light, including subjects within my own courses and major, and those of the other members in my group. During the group meetings we had discussions where we could bounce ideas off of each other and get a feel for the types of things others either appreciated, or struggled with in their classes. I was always very interested to hear what everyone else had to say and enjoyed learning what their experiences and opinions were. It often took me by surprise the types of assignments and projects the other students in the group had worked on. It was very impressive.

Paula always facilitated the conversation so as to have each of us think outside the box when it came to each outcome, while encouraging everyone to elaborate and expand upon their ideas. She had us realize that learning wasn’t just black and white, but is far more nuanced and complex.

 The project gave me a deeper understanding of the motives and justifications for having general education requirements. I still remain vehemently opposed to the amount of math and science that are required for people in unrelated majors, especially for those that have such a high level of difficulty in these subjects.

The E-portfolio Project put the courses I have taken and things I have learned into a new perspective. It enabled me to visually see the variety of subjects I have worked on, which I found very rewarding. Doing this also affirmed how much I enjoy doing history as a major because I realized it was from my history courses that I gained the most knowledge and was able to fulfill the most outcomes. I would highly recommend and encourage other students to participate in this or a similar project.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.