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As a member of UMass Lowell's Commonwealth Honors College, I was required to complete an Honors Project. I chose to work with the Lowell Green Restaurant Program, an organization that identifies, certifies, and supports Lowell restaurants interested in implementing green practices in their business. 


I ran the "Go. Eat. Be. Green." campaign. This campaign targeted  consumers, with the reasoning that restaurant owners may be more likely to become certified at the request of their customers. I asked customers to nominate restaurants to go green, and received more than 40 responses.


I used programs like Microsoft Publisher and Final Cut Pro to create various marketing materials targeting both customers and restaurant owners.


Here are some examples:


A poster encouraging customers to nominate restaurants:



A brochure detailing the program and its mission:


 A giveaway bag:



 And a promotional video targeting restaurant owners. Click to view:








DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.