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Public Service Announcements


On this page of my portfolio, you will find two examples of public service announcements (PSA) I created to benefit "Kids in Tech" and the Tewskbury Substance Abuse Prevention Collaborative (SAPC).


Kids in Tech is a non-profit based in Lowell, Massachusetts. Kids in Tech offers after-school programs to youths in select urban areas which teach how to use technology and the internet safely and efficiently. In an ever-advancing world filled with technology, Kids in Tech strives to promote digital literacy and entrepreneurship in youths so that they may harness the benefits of technology to lead successful academic lives and future careers.


The Tewksbury Substance Abuse Prevention Collaborative (SAPC) is a non-profit dedicated to helping citizens live healthy lives by avoiding substance abuse. The Tewksbury SAPC provides services and mentorship on substance abuse to inform the public of the dangers and health risks of using drugs and alcohol. The organization's goal is to promote a healthy, responsible and drug-free lifestyle for the welfare of local citizens.


I was all too pleased to have the opportunity to work with these two worthy organizations. In creating these public service announcements, I met with Olu Ibrahim (Founder of Kids in Tech) and Maria Ruggiero (Chair of the Tewksbury SAPC) and spoke with them about the wants and needs of their respective organizations. Together, we strategized on how to best approach our target audience in the public service announcements. With their help, I wrote a script for a 60-second radio spot which discussed the goals of the organization and how the public could become involved in the programs being offered. I then recorded each radio ad in the Digital Services sound recording booth, and made further revisions. I also created a video component for airing on local television stations. 


This project was one of the most ambitious projects I have ever worked on. It required a lot of hard work and time, but in it I have learned a great deal about the conventions of marketing and working collaboratively. I am very proud of the work I have done on this project, and I hope this sentiment is reflected in the enthusiasm I brought to the table when creating it.

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