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Welcome! My name is Tim O'Brien, and I am an English major with a concentration in Journalism & Professional Writing and a minor in Digital Media at UMass Lowell seeking a career in the sports industry.
I have always enjoyed sports and have a passion for connecting with audiences within the sports realm. I would love to enter the Communications or Community/Media/Public Relations side of the sports industry. Throughout my time at UMass Lowell, I have learned how to connect and write effectively for a professional audience throughout my course work and internship experience. To be more specific, in classes such as Introduction to Journalism and Introduction to Professional Writing, we explored the writing world and I was introduced to an array of different pieces of writing and the format and norms that come along with them. We were also given the opportunity to further our interviewing skills which is something that I quickly realized I needed to work on and practice. It was in these classes that I also learned the value of collaboration with my peers as we had multiple projects and assignments that required us to work alongside others to achieve a common goal. It wasn't until I took Sports Writing until I started to do work in the area that I was most interested in. Learning how the sports journalism world works and how to write a variety of different pieces helped me further not only my journalistic writing and interviewing skills, but also my love and passion for the industry. This is when I really nailed down the area in which I wanted to work and it sparked my interest in exploring the field in more depth.
These experiences have helped me gain many skills including communication skills, writing for a deadline, and multi-tasking with different projects. I also gained valuable skills in many programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe Photoshop. Included in this portfolio are many of my published works from my time at UMass Lowell that exhibit these skills that I have acquired.
You will also find that I have included my resume highlighting some of the skills and experiences, both professional and extracurricular, that I have gained in my time at UMass Lowell.
I hope this portfolio of my work helps exhibit the hard work and time that I have put into becoming the best writer and content producer that I can be, as well as my professional and academic accomplishments. Thank you and enjoy!
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.